About Steven Hay


Steven B. Hay

Mr. Hay is committed to obtaining justice for individuals, and to protecting their rights against corporate and governmental oppression. He has trained in the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College method, which teaches lawyers to reconnect with their own humanity and that of their client.

This, along with his innate sense of compassion and sense of justice, has motivated and enabled Mr. Hay to find the full story of how an event has impacted the lives of his client and their loved ones, and to convey that story to a jury in a palpable manner. This genuine expression of compassionate understanding is felt by the jury and can motivate them to take action to truly right a wrong.

Steven Hay has been practicing personal injury law in the Seattle/Bellevue area for 24 years. He has represented clients throughout the West coast, primarily in the State of Washington.

Mr Hay has been listed in the top 3 Bellevue attorneys for 2009 and 2010 in Bellevue Reporter’s “Best of Bellevue”. He has been selected to serve as an arbitrator for King County Courts since 1995. Previous to practicing law, Mr. Hay graduated summa cum laude from law school where he served on the law review.

Mr. Hay’s law firm was acquired in 2019 by Law Offices of Reed Yurchak.