Personal Injury Attorney Bellevue

Get The Settlement You Deserve and Put Your Life Back Together Again – Starting Right Now.

You’ve been injured. It may take a law suit to get what you deserve.

To come out of this process as whole and restored as possible you need three things:

  1. Bullet-proof case preparation that brings the insurance company to the table with a strong offer.
  2. An attorney with the skills, training, and reputation to obtain fair settlements, or to win a fair verdict should the case go to court.
  3. Comprehensive support that gets your medical bills paid, compensates you for your wage loss, pays for household help, and gets your life back-on-track without you having to wait for your settlement.

To get the maximum settlement, you must be prepared to win at trial.

This is true even if you don’t want to go to court; especially if you don’t want to go to court.

Remember, the insurance company’s primary concern is controlling risk. Your strongest asset is a well-prepared case they know they’ll lose. They will pay more for your settlement because Steven Hay has the reputation for preparing your case for trial and for obtaining good awards.

Mr. Hay is a personal injury attorney with 25 years experience who prepares every case himself – start to finish. And he begins the moment you walk in the door. At every point in your history, Steven is considering how to best prepare and present your case to a jury and the insurance defense attorneys.

If you decide to go to trial, you must get the jury on your side.

Steven Hay has the elite training and deep experience to do just that.

If you’re not satisfied with your insurance company’s offer, your recourse is a trial. And in the courtroom, the jury has the power to award damages and penalties. It’s that simple.

It is well known that juries are skeptical of people who file lawsuits to recover damages for personal injuries. Jurors have heard about the McDonald’s coffee case, or other such cases, and often assume that you are suing not because you are truly injured but because you think you have won the lottery.

Most juries therefore are reluctant to award you enough money to truly compensate you for your loss. Juries are made up of people just like you. When you can help them feel your suffering, what you and your family have truly experienced, they will want to help. Steven can turn your experience into a story that touches them, and allows them to care enough to feel what you feel and to want to help right the wrong.

The problem is that most law schools, even the best, teach little or nothing about going to trial. So most attorneys walk into court equipped with only the facts. That’s why they settle out of court so often. Because they have little to offer beyond what’s already on paper.

Mr. Hay has trained in the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College method, which teaches lawyers to reconnect with their own humanity and that of their client. Coupled with Mr. Hay’s innate sense of compassion and sense of justice, this training has motivated and enabled him to find the full story of how an event has impacted the lives of his client and their loved ones, and to convey that story to a jury in a palpable manner. This genuine expression of compassionate understanding is felt by the jury and can motivate them to take action to truly right a wrong.

From the moment Steven meets you he is crafting that story, preparing you, setting up the building blocks, so that if he should face a jury on your behalf, he can take them beyond the bare facts and connect them to you. And the more they care, the more they want to help, and the bigger the award.

And finally, you don’t want to wait for the award to get your life back together.

Steven Hay doesn’t just represent you legally. He brings you resources to help you get your life together now – from figuring out how you’ll get your bills paid, to getting you compensation for lost income, to finding health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, even putting you in touch with doctors who will treat you now and wait for your settlement to get paid.

Whether you want to settle now, or wait to build your strongest case, Steven Hay can help you get your biggest settlement and get your life back on line.

Talk through the specifics of your case in a Free Consultation with Steven Hay at (206) 866-0766‬‬.  We’ll answer your questions. And we don’t charge until you collect.